DVD-Winkler-Raccoon Trapping & Handling

by Keith Winkler and Tom "Humphrey" Miller

From Start to Finish. Two hours of action packed information on raccoon trapping. Keith and Tom show and explain trap preparation, sets and catches on their raccoon line. They also demonstrate professional raccoon skinning, scraping, and stretching. A segment on snaring is presented. Tips, tricks and techniques are presented featuring the following well-known professionals:

-Gary Armstrong Famous PVC Pipe Set

-Carroll Blackie? Black River Trapping

-Gary Bonnot and Tim Reed Trapping with Lil Grizz Trap

-Russ Carman and Bill Kasten Questions, answers, and instructions

-Rick Hemsath Trapping with Body Traps

-Mike Marsyada Guidelines, Information, and Strategy

-Tom Parr Trap Types and Live Traps

-Doug Wilson Snares and Snaring

-Special Feature with Night Footage of Raccoon Working the Lil™ Grizz Trap

2 Hour