DVD-Under The Ice Beaver Snaring Simplified with Royce Teague

The mystery is gone. Anyone can snare beaver in coldest of winters. Royce Teague shows you his simple techniques that have allowed him to take 100s of northern Minnesota beaver in the coldest of winters. Royce is an expert snareman with endless energy. You will see his Northern trapline, techniques and catches. In a bonus section Royce butchers and feeds his family the very beaver he catches.

Royce is an interesting person. I call Royce the “Ted Nugent” of trapping. He is as intense as anyone one I know. Animated, energetic, and obsessed, Royce brings to you his life style. He loves to pass on his trapping passion to young and old. I am positive that you will enjoy and learn from this video.

Mark Steck

Royces Profile:

-Royce is a five time Minnesota Roman Olympic Style Greco Champion

-Has competed in the UFC

-Journeyman carpenter

-Was invited to a 2003 Minnesota Vikings camp but broke his back two days before the tryout

-Has tutored several Minnesota snareman to their first Timber Wolf Catches

-Played Semipro football with the St Cloud Thunderbirds

-Father of two future trappers

2 hours 20 minutes

Click here to watch a clip from Under the Ice Beaver Snaring Simplified.