Book: Sullivan: Canines 2000

Canines 2000 is a 112 page book written by well known trapper Hal Sullivan. Sullivan is known for his excellent writing skills and is a regular columnist in several trapping magazines. He’s also an expert trapper. That’s his true calling and that is what he does. Just try getting a hold of the guy as he’s always away from home on some trapping adventure. To top it off he has a great sense of humor. This book is very well written with excellent photos. The back cover of the book reads:

Canines 2000

21st Century Techniques For Trapping Fox and Coyotes Of all the furbearing animals, canines offer the greatest challenge for the trapper. Gaining proficiency in trapping canines is a goal that many trappers establish themselves as they seek to test and prove their trapping skills. Canines 2000 can help you achieve this goal.

Canines 2000 contains the most current information on trapping canines, covering both fox and coyotes. There are considerably more similarities in trapping these two animals then there are differences, and you can learn to be successful in trapping both.

The methods and techniques described here are designed to give you insight into canine trapping and help you avoid some of the pitfalls encountered in trapping these animals. This information is presented in a straightforward and logical manner, with no myth, magic, or mysticism that is often associated with canine trapping.

Canines 2000 will provide you with a studied approach to canine trapping. It is a guide by which you can develop you skills in trapping both fox and coyotes.