Book: Spencer: The Mink Manual

Jim Spencer may be one of the better mink trappers of our times. For years he’s harvested large numbers of mink. And he’s still doing it. Spencer is well published in trapping journals and has done feature demos at many trapping conventions. He’s an expert in all facets of mink trapping. He’s not a one trick pony and this 128 page book shows that. The book is well written with excellent illustrations and photography. The chapters in this book include:

1. The animal and its habits

2. Trap sizes and styles

3. Trap adjustment and preparation

4. Auxiliary equipment

5. Mapping out more fur

6. Prospecting for habitat

7. Using baits and lures

8. Leg-holds verses body grippers

9. Bedding and stabilizing traps

10. The meat of the matter

11. The knock out punch: Body-grippers

12. Trapline management

13. After the catch.: Handling your furs

14.A basic trapline philosophy