Book: Space Age Coon Trapping

Bernie Barringer is an expert trapper who has longlined for many years. He’s made outstanding catches. He's also a professional writer. The two combined make this an excellent book. You will get your money's worth from this book. Lots of pictures along with concepts and technique fill this 76 page book.


1. The raccoon

2. Terminal equipment

3. Baits and Lures

4. Mapping out more fur

5. Tips on Landowner permission

6. Pre-season: Sowing of large catches

7. Line management

8. Snares: The efficient tool

9. Conibears

10. Little known super sets

11. Coon of the cropland

12. Rivers of coon

13. The late, late show

14. Fur marketing

15. The hassles of longlining

16. Motivation: The key to catching coon by the hundreds

17. Bernie Barringer's Five principles of trapline success through motivation