DVD-Senneker-Crash Course Coyote Snaring

The most intense and educational snaring course of all time which covers use of all the major systems of snaring coyotes including the use of Canadian Brush Snares, Kill Poles, Ram Power Snares, Staked Snares, Tree-Tied Snares, Spring Assisted Snares, and a crash course on all types of snaring hardware. A highlight of this video is one chapter devoted to the release of the new Senneker Powersnare trigger, a device that will again change the face of lethal snaring. The emphasis of this snare video is education and will bring any trapper up to speed on modern snaring techniques very quickly, helping the viewer to select the systems/techniques that are suitable for his snaring environments, including techniques valuable to trappers snaring from wilderness conditions to populated environments.

202 Minutes, 2 DVD Set