Book: Schmitt: Mega Mink Methods

Mega Mink Methods is written by Gerald Schmitt from Minnesota. Schmitt wrote this book after his 1999 catch of 764 mink. To add to this catch he also trapped 560 coon. He is possibly the best water trapper ever. This book is excellent. Gerald keeps it simple because as he says "it is simple." The author has a nice writing style. When you purchase this book you are buying a lot of genuine knowledge. The chapters in this book include:

1. The mink

2. Trapline philosophy

3. Equipment

4. Trap Selection and Modification

5. Trap Treatment

6. Stakes and staking methods

7. The pocket set

8. The blind set

9. Miscellaneous sets

10. Attractors

11. Scouting and preseason preparation

12. Ethics

13. Theft

14. Weather

15. Numbers

16. Line management

17. Frequently asked questions