Book: Richards, Fox Trapping Facts and Fiction

Richards is known as the “Old Bounty Trapper”. This book is written to be informative, interesting and concise. Information on traps, weather, sets and more. With a section on fiction. 44 pages consisting of :

Adjusting new traps-pan tension

Dyeing & Waxing Traps

Proper Equipment

The trapline Vehicle

Trapline preparation & maintenance

Set locations and "ecotones"

Baits, lures and uring

Visual attractors

The new old dirt hole set

Spring or water set

Urine post set

Unlucky for the fox-the flat set

Think snow

Large baits & bait stations

Remaking the set

A few good fastening methods

Facts and fiction

Tips from the old bounty trapper's bag of tricks

End of the line