DVD-Miller-Prescription for Success

Prescription for Success

The long awaited second video from the Coyote Doctors is now available. Once again we have taken you to western South Dakota for exciting predator calling action. However, this video manages to do even more instruction and teaching without sacrificing any of the realism or suspense that Coyote Overdose provided. By again providing temperatures, wind speeds, compass readings, yardage to the coyotes, slow motion replays and even time on stand until sighting the coyotes, this video has all the tools to make any level of predator hunting more successful. However, no one likes to listen to long winded narrative during a hunting video, so we’ve kept the concept of taking the viewer along on the hunt. You'll feel like you are experiencing everything right along with us. The best part is we had so much quality footage and so many exciting hunts, we had to include a BONUS disc to share everything we wanted to include in this video. That means you get over 40 hunts filled with non-stop action and spectacular video footage.

120 minutes