Book: Powell-Mink Trapping: A Deep and Complete Long Lining System

ATTENTION TRAPPERS!! Stop passing up mink -- they are not that hard to catch. Here you will find what you need to start hanging up pelts whether you trap full time or part time.

Here is how you can MULTIPLY-DOUBLE- or TRIPLE your catch guaranteed.

Why do some trappers catch a mink a day while others only a dozen or less in a season? What are the secrets to catching mink?

In these pages you will find out how to catch enough mink to make your friends and fur buyer say "Wow-You had a great season!"

So what do those who catch more than you know that you don't?

The fact is most rookies and many veteran trappers murder their chances of success before they ever set a trap. Most completely miss the strategy that creates a high performance trapper. Plan to trap mink the right way--make mink trapping fun and competitive. What you will find in this book will help you progressively build your mink line.

In the pages of this book you will find detailed instructions on specific fundamentals, eye-opening simple sets and advanced analysis of you key numbers.

The plan outlined will take you from the pre-season, to the first day, then through the stages of the season, and finally the post season. This books contains the astonishingly simple secrets to catch mink without wasting time or effort.

Over 170 pages of ideas, pictures, and concepts which Don Powell is happy to share.