DVD-Pedersen-New Millenium Trapping

Larry (Slim) Pedersen has been trapping since he was 8 years old. He’s trapped full time since the age of 34, doing predator control in southeastern Montana for the past 25 years. He also does live market trapping during the winter months. He’s done six trapping and snaring instructional videos, written seven trapping and snaring instructional books, plus two “story” type books about the life of coyotes. Slim has trapped in many states, and has trapped coyotes, bobcats, red and grey fox, kit fox, badgers, skunks (both spotted and striped), weasels, fisher, raccoons, muskrats, mink, beaver, otter, and mountain lions. Slim is an active member of the NTA and several state organizations, and has done many demos for the trapping conventions on a regular basis.

72 Minutes