Book: Passamonte: High-Volume Muskrat Trapping

Two great books in one. One side is muskrat trapping, turn it over and you have another book, this one on mink trapping. As told by Passamonte, a seasoned trapper. 31 pages on mink trapping and 85 pages on muskrat trapping.



Habits of Mink, Gearing up for Mink, Baits Sets vs. Blind sets, Epilogue


Life Cycles, Habits & Behavior

Muskrat's Yearly Cycle

Changes in Muskrat Populations

Muskrat Trapping; The Seasons of change

Scouting and Trapline Planning

Gearing up for Muskrats

Muskrat Habitat Categories

Under Ice Trapping: It's Easier Than You Think

Developing Your System