Book: Passamonte: High-Volume Coon Trapping

Some trappers feel that Austin Passamonte’s book High-Volume Coon Trapping is the best coon book on the market. It is very complete and offers insight from a trapper who thinks outside the box. The chapter on raccoon behavior is worth the price of the book alone. The book is 120 pages of excellent writing and clear meaningful pictures. The back cover reads:

A skilled writer as well as proficient trapper, Austin Passamonte’s knowledge of raccoon habits and raccoon trapping will quickly become evident as you read this book. Within these pages he gives you his keen observations, dispels myths, explains how, when and where to catch more coon, and entertains you.

This book is arguably the best ever book published on trapping coon with bodygrippers, plus it covers water and land sets with footholds. You will catch more coon for having read it.

The chapters in this book include:


1. My accidental coon education

2. Raccoon Behavior

3. Travel habits

4. Trail networks

5. Identify prime trail locations

6. This setup

7. Secrets of maintaining the flow

8. When 220’s don’t work

9. A bit on buckets

10. Hiding the catch

11. Baits and Lures