Book: Passamonte: Eastern Coyote Trapping

Trapping since the mid 70's Passamonte has written this book containing 79 pages of information about the eastern coyote. He talks about the myths and the hype that surrounds the Eastern Coyote. He has included plenty of photos and information to learn how to trap them successfully.



1) Eastern Coyotes; A Breed Apart

2) History and Biology

3) Coyote Habits and Behavior

4) Choosing Set Locations

5) Proper Gear for Eastern Coyotes

6) Fastening Coyote Traps

7) Set Construction

8) The Step-Up Set

9) Baits and Lures for Coyotes

10) Line Management

11) Re-makes for Coyotes

12) Coyotes in the Snow