Book: Oldfield's Conibear Methods

Oldfield’s Conibear Methods for muskrat and mink is a little known book rich with information. The book is not long (16 pages) but it is very well done, organized and packed with straight-forward information. It also has some very clear and concise pictures. The topics included in this book are: Introduction, Methods, Laths, The wedge Prospecting Trap, preparation, Feed bed set, Runway set for rats (and a mink now and then) The spring branch or narrow Stream set, The surface water set using bait, The round hole combination set for rats and mink, The combination square hole set for muskrat and mink, Under the ice feed bed set, The culvert set for rats and mink, Conibear bridge wall set, Underwater muskrat den Slide set, Feed bed set under overhanging grass, Dryland mink set