DVD-Noonan-Fisher Trapping

Bob Noonan has trapped fisher for over 40 years, and has interviewed a number of professional longline fisher trappers. This video contains knowledge from many combined years of successful experience. Fisher sets should be simple, fast to make, and weatherproof. This video contains an in-depth demonstration of modern equipment, including a new re-useable anchoring system, and proper bait and lure usage. Several traditional sets, and two effective, never-before-seen innovative sets developed by Bob, are shown in detail. There's plenty of instructional footage on the trapline itself, showing locations, fisher catches, and the beautiful forest surroundings of a central Maine winter. Also, professional wilderness trapper and wildlife biologist Bill Mackowski discusses the latest research on fisher behavior, and shows his fast, simple version of a pole set. This video is literally packed with information. It's also a visual treat, an actual trip on a winter fisher trapline.

2 Hours & 15 Minutes