DVD-Noonan-5x5/155 Marten & Fisher Set

A trap and set that takes both Marten and Fisher, and the right way to handle their fur for the most value. Marten and Fisher often share the same habitat and are attracted to the same baits and lures, but because of their very different body size, finding a trap for both has been a problem. The #120, suitable for marten, can be too small for fisher, and the #160 and #220, suitable for fisher, can be too large for marten. Now there is a trap size that will consistently catch both: the new 5x5 and #155 double spring bodygrippers, with full 5-inch inside jawspreads. In the first hour of this DVD, Bob Noonan demonstrates an effective combination marten/fisher set with the 5x5 on a northern Maine wilderness trapline. In the second hour, well-known Maine trapper and fur buyer Jerry Braley, who has handled 3,000-plus fisher and 4,000-plus marten, gives in depth, detailed, step-by-step fur handling instructions for both these valuable furbearers. 2 hours. Copyright 2011