Book: Miranda: Competition Line Fox Trapping

Competition Line Fox Trapping is a 78 page book written by well known trapper and author Tom Miranda. Tom was a government trapper in South Dakota before he became well known for his line of lures, baits, videos, and books. He knows trapping! The chapters in this book include:

1. Locating the fox and getting permission to trap them

2. How many farms? How many miles?

3. The best traps: care, adjustment and storage

4. Equipment – the three bucket system

5. Location

6. Sets, wind and the walk through method

7. Remake after a catch

8. Lures and their use

9. Actual "competition line" trapping

10. Competition line tricks and tips

11. Setting goals and keeping the urge to keep trapping

12. Variables

13. Fur handling and marketing