Book: McLaughlin: Muskrats

125 pages. A man with a passion for learning, McLaughlin has been trapping and learning about muskrats for over 60 years. His desire to teach the young and uninformed how to pursue, find, and trap muskrats and how to properly handle the fur after they are caught has inspired the writing of this book.

McLaughlin believes that trapping muskrats should be the first animal a young person should pursue. They are the easiest to learn to catch and learn to handle the pelts. They also give a young person the opportunity to learn, not only about nature, but something about themselves.

Introduction, History of Trapping and Fur, Glossary, What is a muskrat?, Habitat of the muskrat, plants, Laws, etiquette, ethics and more, Tools of the trade, Scouting, Before buying traps, Preparing your traps, Gathering your gear, Setting traps, Skinning a muskrat, fleshing and stretching, other information, Building a folding colony trap.