DVD-Masheck-Coyote Trapping, Making Sense of it All

Join Charlie Masheck as he explains the fundamentals of Coyote Trapping. Charlie has been a trapper for 39 years, has trapped 4 different states, and started Hoosier Trapper Supply in 1976. He talks to trappers and future trappers everyday and has the perspective and knowledge to help them become successful coyote trappers. If you are a beginner, this DVD will give you the foundation to be successful. If you are a more experienced trapper, this DVD will sort out the information overload and reinforce the fundamentals. Watch the DVD, follow the instruction-You will be successful.

Approx. 2hrs



-Trap Prep

-Lure, Bait and Urine Usage


-Farmland Locations

-Deep Woods, Big Hills Locations

*This DVD Contains Trapline Footage. May not be suitable for all audiences.