Book: Marak: High Quality Trapping

High Quality Trapping by expert trapper Darrell Marak of Iowa focuses on trapping coon, muskrat, coyote, beaver, mink, and fox. The book has 40 pages and has the following chapters: Introduction 1. The Raccoon 2. The beaver 3. The muskrat 4. The mink 5. The coyote 6. The red fox 7. Sets for raccoon 8. Sets for beaver 9. Sets for muskrat 10. Sets for mink 11. Sets for coyote 12. Sets for red fox 13. Tips on trapping before the season starts 14. Skinning, fleshing and drying equipment 15. Urine, bait and lure - what to look for when buying it. 16. Traps and various sizes 17. Dyeing and waxing traps 18. Conclusion The photos in this book are excellent.