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Lure-Mark Steck

Mark Steck animal lures and baits have evolved from various sources and icons of the industry. Some have come from my own 43 years of intense trapping. I use ingredients...
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Mark Steck animal lures and baits have evolved from
various sources and icons of the industry. Some have
come from my own 43 years of intense trapping. I use
ingredients that come from near and far. I want the
best of the best for my use and yours too. Last fall on a
western trapping trip all my lures and baits came from
the very same stock our customers get. It’s the way it
always has been and always will be. I want you to have

the same success on the line that I do. ~ Mark


Sweet Marie Beaver Lure
A blend of Northern Castors that shout “I’m moving into your territory.” We guarantee results or we’ll refund your money. Give this a try on your canine line. You’ll be in for a surprise. Mark 

Harding County - Fox Gland Lure
Made from quality aged glands and additives to create a “foxy” smell. Good all season long. 

Dirt Roads - Coyote Gland Lure
Pure cut and aged coyote glands made into a thick paste. Designed to bring out territorial instincts in the local coyote population. Good any time of the year.

Drifters Fate - Predator Lure
A coyote, fox and cat predator lure made from the finest glands and musk money can buy. 
Lethal Dose - Guess what’s in this. You won’t. Lethal dose is an artistic blend of many meats, glands and oils. It was tested by five trappers in the fall of 2016. The success was excellent. Data and trail cams confirmed we had what we wanted. I am positive you will assign Lethal Dose a place in you lure bucket. Mark
Freight Train - Skunk and more will fill your hollows and draws with a powerful and lasting fragrance no reasonable mammal can pass up. Good on canines, cat, and of course Fisher and Martin. Let it roll through your best trapping grounds.

Bold Choice LLDC
A long, long, distance call lure with absolutely nothing subtle about it. From coyotes to fisher it reaches out and grabs them by the nose. Forewarn your mailman.

Watch Tower Predator Lure
Combines three signigicant ingredients that all predators pursue. There is simply no other lure out there to compare Watchtower with. Strong, enticing, natural, and made to rock on your trapline.

Retch’n Gretchen Predator Lure
Skunk essence? YES, but so much more. Long range musky and close range intense. Excellent on coyote, fox, badger, coon, bobcat, marten and fisher. I first used this lure formulation in 1983 on my commercial canine line in western South Dakota. From mid-October through early December it was my go to lure. Mark

Two Riders-
A blend of high grade musks and oils with outstanding calling attributes. Formulated for coyotes, fox and bobcats.

Highwater Muskrat Lure
A sticky Smear type lure. We formulated this so it stays put (even through some rain) and does not evaporate. “I’ve taken over 350 rats in one check using Highwater. It works!” - Mark  Available in either 2oz or 4oz

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