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Alpine Call is a real fur taker, and deadly to the coyote. This scent is highly desired by southwest trappers, but works outstanding from coast to coast. It is an...
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Alpine Call is a real fur taker, and deadly to the coyote. This scent is highly desired by southwest trappers, but works outstanding from coast to coast. It is an old wolfers secret lure formulation and I have been using it for years. Highly effective at flat sets, and the back lip of a dirthole. Take advantage of this very distinctive odor and let it go to work for you.

Beaver Lure #1 is beaver castor enhanced. Resists freeze up and rain resistant. Excellent calling range to draw beavers into your set.

Bobcat Number 1 is a Bobcat Gland base lure. I've included into the lure additional ingredients to really "cat it up". Bobcat Number 1 is excellent as a stand alone scent in cubby sets, walk through sets, or at the top lip of a dirt hole set. Canines are also attracted to this lure.

Bobs Nub Rub is perfect for 2/3rds of cats that respond to the natural chemical nepetalactone. This lure is made with catnip leaves while the plant is in full bloom, maximizing the chemical volume in the plant. To use, smear a small dab on a projectile where cats hunt and live. Place your trap where a cat would rub up against the scent as it walks through your set. Limited amount available.

Boot Heel Beaver is an amazing beaver lure, given to me by a hard hitting trapper from Missouri. Due to illness, he is unable to run like he used to, but he told me he would be thrilled if I stacked a few piles of plews on his behalf! Designed to really create a territory battle, along with additional curiosity other beaver lures miss.

Carrier Extreme is an outstanding call lure. It has excellent range with canine curiosities. I place carrier on a tree limb or fence post near my sets to increase interest into my set area.

Catty Coyote - This sweet smelling lure has genuine Catnip Oil to really bring Bob into your sets. It is excellent in cubbies and flat sets alike. This is a food lure the coyotes can’t leave alone, so be prepared for Wiley to be in your set when you return. Special Note: In the 2012-13 seasons I had exceptional success using this lure on T-Bones and Staked Hide sets on Coyotes!

Death Scent - Having a specie specific call lure is important. Death Scent is a great lure for all predators, but speaks confidence to the Red Fox. This Red Fox gland based call lure will put some red fur on your stretchers. This lure has ingredients added to build confidence and curiosity to your sets.

Final Approach is a sweet smelling lure & has beaver and muskrat scents, including 6 other special ingredients to add interest to your flat and dirthole sets. This is very attractive to Bobcats and Grey Fox.

Kansas Call - I am really excited to offer this lure as part of my product line to the
general public.  Ramped up odors make this especially appealing when you just can’t be on  the location you desire and need the coyote called in. I like to place this lure on fence posts or positioned where air currents can carry the powerful odor to hungry predators
and draw them into my set location. During freezing conditions this is excellent down a dirthole set.

Last Dance is an attractive lure and has the perfect name for this unbeatable lure. This lure has a rare ingredient that is not only attractive, but offers as much curiosity as you can ask for in a lure. Odors are unique and mellow. Perfect for flat sets as a stand alone Call Lure, or excellent use on the back lip of the dirt hole. Limited quantities.

Missouri Mink Lure is reproduced from the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Mink Lure Suggestion for you to use. This lure is made in my lure room applying the same quality standards that I use on my other successful lures. This gland based lure is sure to intrigue the mink into investigating it further.

Muskrat # 1 is most beneficial for those spring ice melts, when a food scent will really shine. Add this sweet calling lure to your floats, pockets, and resting stakes with your choice of attractant and get the stretchers ready!

Old Faithful is a high performance Illinois Red Fox gland lure. This formulation has taken thousands of valuable red fox in flat sets. This gland lure is also a sure fur taker on coyotes and bobcats as well!

Tall Grass Supreme has just a hint of skunk essence along with many other essences to attract a predator to your flat set when you do not have a lot visual attractants. Perfect for low key sets, or an added asset to the back lip of your dirthole set. Predators will want to eat this lure. Proven Red Fox and Coyote taker and has been used for many years now.

Dawg Proof Raccoon Lure - This lure is perfect for a shot down
the mouth of a dog proof trap. Multiple ingredients used to capture a raccoon’s
attention. Two way trigger users will benefit with the occasional mink! This
was a top seller last year!

Doodles Coon Killer was inspired by trapper Josh Hume. Josh takes a little different route with his method of trapping and because of his success, I credit him with this outstanding DP trap formulation! Made of natural ingredients the raccoon can't live without. I suggest you place a marshmallow on or over the trigger of your DP trap and give a shot of this down the hole, and a little on the lip of the trap for the coon to sample. They will certainly dig for this one!

Muscoonotter Lure - Weird name, but as it indicates it is
deadly on a multiple of species of water furbearers. First night I formulated
this lure I mixed it with cut carp and placed out 20 pocket sets along a creek.
The next day I returned and found 10 raccoon, 4 muskrats, 1 mink and 1 otter!
Although it is intended to be a raccoon lure, you can see the potential when
used correctly. This is sold only in pint flip top bottles and is excellent for
Dog Proof traps and even better when you take cut bait and mix a few ounces of
this lure and it will really draw Rory into your pocket sets. I was called by a trapper and he said he didn’t know what I put in that lure, but the coons stay with it until they’re caught!



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