Beaver #1 Lure - Carman’s Beaver #1 Lure is a totally natural beaver lure. Designed especially for the spring just after ice goes out, but good anytime. Best used at castor mounds without bait.

Blackfoot Lure - Carman’s Blackfoot Lure is a very attractive lure for both grey and red fox.

Bobcat Gland Lure - Carman’s Bobcat Gland Lure has a special attraction to the old toms. Can be used at baited sets and toilet sets.

Canine Call Lure - Carman’s Canine Call Lure can serve a double purpose. It can be used as a long distance call when the need arises, but is best used directly at the set. Also deadly on fisher, marten, wolf, and lynx.

Canine Cream Lure - Highly attractive lure for all predators.

Coyote Gland Lure - Carman’s Coyote Gland Lure is a coyote matrix lure. Should be used only at baited sets and scent post sets.

Deep Creek Mink Lure - Carman’s Deep Creek Mink Lure is a mink gland lure with musks and oils added. Has a moderately strong odor of mink.

Final Touch Lure - Carman’s Final Touch Lure is a very fine fox and coyote lure in any area and also does well on bobcats.

Hudson Seal Muskrat Lure - Carman’s Hudson Seal Muskrat Lure is a lure with a heavy dose of muskrat musk which makes it a deadly all season lure.

Magna-Glan Lure - Carman’s Magna-Glan Lure is a very deadly lure on red and grey fox, coyotes, bobcat and coon.

MCL-100 Muskrat Call Lure - Carman’s MCL-100 Muskrat Call Lure is a highly attractive call lure for muskrats.

Mega-Musk Lure - Carman’s Mega-Musk Lure is a fine red fox, grey fox and coyote lure. A lure that elicits a good deal of digging and scratching.

Midnight Raccoon Lure - Carman’s Midnight Raccoon Lure is a truly unique lure that is highly attractive to Raccoon.

Mink Gland Lure - Carman’s Mink Gland Lure is a lure with a strong “sweet” mink odor. An excellent lure for use at any hole type set and all baited sets. Also a good changeup lure for fox and coyotes.


Pro’s Choice Lure - One of the few lures with an equal and deadly attraction to fox, coyote, and bobcats. It has an equal attraction to red or grey fox and is also attractive to badger, marten and fisher. Also deadly on the wolf and lynx.


Raccoon #1 Lure - Carman’s Raccoon #1 Lure is a sweet, long lasting lure that stands up to the cold. Has a very limited attraction to skunks, possums, dogs and cats.


Raccoon #2 Lure - Carman’s Raccoon #2 Lure is a coon lure with a fox lure like odor. Deadly attractive on coon under all conditions. Use in any area at
any type set.


Red Fox Gland Lure - Carman’s Red Fox Gland Lure is a red fox matrix lure. Best for use at scent post sets and baited sets of any kind.


Silent Partner Lure - Carman’s Silent Partner Lure is a very solid and reliable lure for both red and grey fox. It works better in areas where the reds outnumber the greys.


Still Water Muskrat Lure - Carman’s Still Water Muskrat Lure has the same values as Carman’s Hudson Seal Muskrat Lure, but one added ingredient makes it especially valuable during the fall months.


Three Rivers Mink Lure - Carman’s Three Rivers Mink Lure is a pleasant smelling musk type lure. Attractive to all mink and can be used at any type set with or without bait.


Trails End Lure - Carman’s Trails End Lure is a fine primary lure for fox, coyotes and cats. Works best when used alone without bait. A heavy lure that holds up well in wet or dry conditions.


Triple Threat Lure - Deadly on all predators and is highly attractive to raccoon, making it valuable to trappers who want to take the maximum number of coon in their fox sets.


Triple X Lure - Carman’s Triple X Lure is a heavy pasty lure that holds up well in any type of weather. Attractive to red and grey fox and coyotes.


Wind River Beaver Call Lure - Carman’s Wind River Beaver Call Lure is basically the same as Carman’s Beaver No. 1 Lure, but has one added ingredient that makes it totally different than any other beaver lure.


Carman's Red Fox Pro-Mix-High grade red fox urine with Carman's Red Fox Gland Lure added. Great at dirt hole sets and post sets.

Carman's Coyote Pro-Mix-High grade coyote urine with Carman's Coyote Gland Lure added. Great at dirt hole sets and post sets.


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