DVD-Locklear-Lure & Bait Making

3 hours long. Clint Locklear shares tips and tricks, so you can make your own lure and bait. This video will head you in the right direction. Topics covered are perfume oils, flavorings, extracts, different fish oils and glands, building lure bases, tinctures, how not to loose mink, otter, weasel and badger odor from glands, list of proven ingredients for lures for land and water animals, firing up castor, make it stronger and sweeter, Frank Mast's secrete Ambrette formula, adding key tones to oil, home made fresh, clean smelling fish oil, you can make on the cheap, how and why to pasteurize urine before adding it to formula, thoughts on fixatives, why it is hard to build a good lure or bait from copying older formulas, plus more.