Book: Leggett, Coyote Trapping Methods

Pete and Ron Leggett have been working with coyotes since 1978 and the 56 pages of their autobiography shows just that. This book is written in an easy to read format and packed with information and pictures every trapper should know.



Live Market/East or West Coyote

Mating Season/Identifying Coyote

Control Methods/Understanding the Coyote

Pre-Season Scouting/Traps

Stakes/Trap Treatment & Adjustment

Trapline Equipment/Lures

Anti-freeze for Soil/Location

Wind Direction/Step-down Dirthole Set

Deep Step-step down Dirthole Set

Point Set/Blended Post Set

Reconstruction After Catch

Problem Solving/Sprung Traps

Skinning & Pelt Handling