Book: Krause, Dynamite Fox Trapping

Dynamite Fox Trapping is written by Tom Krause. It is and excellent book. Tom is a professional trapper and an outdoor writer by trade. He does a fine job detailing out the aspects of fox trapping. 86 pages The chapters in this book include:

1. The nature of the brute

2. The trap-its selection and tuning

3. Little things

4. Dirt

5. General location

6. Specific location

7. The smells

8. The sets

An analysis

A better way part one

A better way part two

A better way part three

9. The sleeper chapter

10. Winter-The frost and how

11. Winter-The snow and how

12. Non-target animals

13.The fox and coyote

14. The dispatch

15. Economics

16. A parting shot