Book: Kaatz, Raccoon Trapping Made Simple

A complete guide to long-lining raccoon. Covers all aspects of being an efficient long-liner; from pre-season work to marketing your catch. Covers the use of footholds, body-grips, and snares. 64 pages.


1. Starting out

2. What a Raccoon Needs

3. Scouting and finding locations

4. Equipment

5. Foothold traps and modifications

6. #220's

7. Snares

8. Trap Fastening

9. Lure and Bait

10. The pocket set

11. Blind sets

12. Lure on a stick

13. Trail Sets

14. Trapline Philosophy

15. Opening Day and Making it count

16. Trucks

17. Handling and marketing fur

18. Accidental catch

19. Competition

20. What I can't describe in Words