Lure-Kaatz Brothers

Toxi-Dog - Without a doubt, the most lethal coyote lure we’ve ever created! Red fox gland based with several extra ingredients make this lure highly attractive to coyotes, red and gray fox, bobcats, and lynx. 

1-800 Predator Call Lure - A loud, powerful call lure of 5-star quality. The base of this attractant is sun-rendered fish oil blended with beaver castor oil, and a heavy dose of skunk essence.

Evanesce -A great curiosity lure to attract coyotes, fox, and bobcats wherever they are found. Coyotes and fox will dig out dirtholes to get at it. Bobcats will want to rub on it.

Spot Shot - A heavy, complex blend of bobcat calling ingredients. Spot Shot can easily be smeared on a rock or wood backing. This lure was created for high dollar western cats, but will work well on any bobcats that exist!

Land Lure - As a fish oil based lure, it possesses a sweet, pleasant aroma unlike any other lure. Great for early season predators, bobcats, coon, and mink.

Land Lure SK - The same formula as Land Lure with a dose of skunk essence for long-reaching potential makes this lure a great producer into the late season also works great at burnt post sets.

Red King - A unique combination of loud, aged red fox glands and special passion ingredients make this lure priceless!  

Karac - Karac is formulated to significantly improve coyote trapping success well into the late winter and the breeding season.   A great scent post attractor all season long.

Yazoo Bob - A thick, bobcat gland base loaded with extras, including catnip. Confidently attract ‘cats wherever they are found, at any type of set. Yazoo Bob will also produce coyotes, fox, and coon. Beware: this lure is highly attractive to house cats as well, use your discretion. 

Hickory Creek - Hickory Creek is a liquid raccoon food lure ideal for a flip-top squirt bottle.  Works well as a changeup on coyotes at dirt holes.

Piledriver - A heavy mink gland base, that is great on the predator line.

Mud Road - Mud Road is muskrat gland based and will definitely add more muskrats to your catch.

Bobcat Musk - A thick syrup blend of urine, musk, and glandular secretions.  Use in conjunction with gland lure and urine or alone with dynamite results.

Coyote Musk - Coyote musk is a liquid blend of glandular secretions, urine, and a few key essentials. A great choice anywhere you desire to catch an Alpha dominant coyote.

Red Fox Musk - A liquid blend of red fox glands, urine, and essentials make this a perfect natural attractor for red fox. Excellent at post sets late in the year.

Beaver Lure - With tens of thousands of beaver to its credit, this castor-based lure is second to none. Used with great confidence year-round on beaver. Designed for use at castor  mound sets.

Plum River - From muskrats to bobcats, Plum River is the ultimate in versatility! It’s the only lure we’ve found that could be used on beaver and otter one day, then used pocket setting mink and coon, and finally taking to the hills to catch bobcats.

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