Book: June:Fox Trapping Suburbia

91 pages of Mark June's professional advice. Trapping for mega years and also an instructor at the Fur Takers of America's Trapping College, June still strives to be better all the time. Full of photos this is an excellent book.


1)Setting up the Suburban Line - How to obtain permission, what types of terrain to concentrate on.

2) Trapline Equipment - Traps - What you should do

What not to do

Trapping Gear

3) Preseason Preparation

4) Location - General Location

Specific Location

5) Sets - Proper Set Construction

Attractors at the set area

Actual sets

6) Lures and Baits

7) Remakes

8) Winter Trapping Techniques

9) Dealing with Trapline Thieves

10) Dealing with Domestic Pets

11) Helpful Hints