DVD-June: Coyote Trapping ll

In Mark June's "Coyote Trapping Volume 2" DVD professional trapper and biologist Mark June dives deeper into catching more coyotes as you ride along with him on his high-production coyote trap line. Well know for his trapping expertise, high energy, and ability to catch large numbers of canines, Mark explains in great detail ADVANCED METHODS that will consistently catch coyotes anywhere.

Mark again takes you along on a high-production trap line and picks up where he left off on his first Coyote DVD. Some coyotes are notably harder to catch and this DVD shows how to get the job done with traditional and unconventional sets, SPECIFIC location dynamics that apply ANYWHERE you live, scent tactics that are unique and DEADLY, along with many other tactics.

If you found Mark's Coyote Trapping DVD helpful... you'll love Coyote Trapping Volume 2.