DVD-Jones-Coyote Trapping - East of the Big River

Follow professional trapper, Matt Jones, through the forests, upland fields, and river bottoms of Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Eastern trappers trap in some of the worst weather conditions in the United States, dealing with rain, snow, and wet conditions on a daily basis. The methods in this video will show you how to keep your coyote sets working in even the worst weather. This video covers traps, equipment, and techniques. These methods will catch you a truckload of coyotes, so sharpen your skinning knife. Matt started canine trapping in 1977 and has thousands of predators to his credit. Watch how he hammers coyote after coyote (plus red fox, grey fox, and bobcat) in traps and snares. Follow along as Matt harvests 82 coyotes in eight 24-hour checks. Will make understanding location easier than it ever was before. If you have an interest in coyote trapping, in the ever-changing weather conditions, this is a MUST SEE video.

90 Minutes