DVD-Hauser-The Pocket Set

Learn to POCKET SET any type bank with no wasted movements and harvest mink and raccoon fast. Observe and learn firsthand the hows and whys of varying trap placement and how, why, when, and where to place guide sticks for TARGET FOOT PLACEMENT, while drowning a large percentage of the animals. Watch footage of a Minnesota mink on the loose hunting a ditch bank, as Hauser lip squeaks it into spittin’ range. Learn simplified trapline map reading and accurate set location logging. Ride along with Hauser as he returns to an old FUR POCKET after 25 years, capturing many DOUBLES and TRIPLES throughout the trapline. Hauser teaches you more new tricks of the trade as he takes you on the line using the pocket set, utilizing humane equipment, methods and dispatches. As always, Hauser gives you more than your money’s worth. You may change the way you think and do things. You’ll be the DOMINANT PREDATOR after watching this video.

Approximately 3 Hours of serious trapping.