Freeborough-DVD-Trapping the Eastern Bobcat in Dirt and Snow

Darin Freeborough's "Animalistics:  Trapping the Eastern Bobcat in the Dirt and Snow" DVD takes you along with Darin as he traps the eastern Bobcat in the Pennsylvania hills, ridges and edges.  This DVD is a great one for the beginning trapper who wants to catch a bobcat.  This DVD also shows many different techniques to help the long time trapper.

Darin not only shows productive fall type trapping, but also focuses on snow covered ground and deep snow scenarios.

If you have bobcats in your area, Darin will show you how to catch them.  Darin takes you through all of the knowledge and techniques he has learned in all his years of trapping in Pennsylvania and in other states.  As always, this Animalistics DVD is high quality, entertaining and extremely educational and instructional.  Some of the topics featured are:

  • Sets to make specifically for cats
  • Locations to trap the eastern cat
  • Baits, lures and attractors
  • Traps to use and trap modification
  • Anchoring your traps
  • Fall, early winter and deep snow trapping