Farmland Snaring DVD

The Farmlands of North America are where the huge catches of  furbearers are made. Tilled and sectioned, these fertile lands are abundant with snaring opportunities. Filmed in eastern South Dakota veteran snareman Mark Steck takes you on his snareline. He shares secrets of the craft he's honed over years of snaring Farmland country for literally 1000's of critters. Embark on a journey into the rural farmlands and learn fast, effective techniques snaring coon, beaver, mink, and canines from an expert trapper.

-Discover furbearer movement patterns in farmland country
-Recognize opportunities and optimize locations
-Understand trail dynamics
-Key misunderstood concepts that will give you an advantage
-See a beaver colony removed in one night
-Learn the art of building fast, loaded snares
-Choose between lethal and nonlethal sets.