DVD-Schumann-Beaver in the Bank

Gary Schumann's "Beaver in the Bank" DVD is a 5 hour, 2 disc set that takes you with Gary as he demonstrates the techniques for catching beaver that he has learned in his 30 years of experience trapping beaver.  Gary covers his methods from early winter through late spring.

Gary demonstrates his methods of finding sets, under ice sets, bank den sets, den sets, dam patrol beaver sets, bottom edge sets, crossover sets, blind sets, under log sets and much more.  He also shows you how to skin, flesh and remove oil glands and castor.  He shows you how to get top dollar out of your furs.

Gary covers a wide variety of body grip and snare tactics and shows you how to catch fur on public waters where the fur has already been hit hard throughout the fall.  You will see multiple catches and even some mishaps in this video.  You will learn everything you need to know about beaver trapping in this 5 hour, 2 disc DVD set.