DVD-Crawford - Winter Canine Trapping

They say late season canine trapping separates the men from the boys. In this 2-disk DVD set, trapper and author John W. Crawford explores every conceivable aspect of winter canine trapping. Taking you along on several full scale working traplines. Filmed in four states.
Topics Covered:
Red Fox, Grey Fox, and Coyote Trapping. 10 Different Sets Showcased Hole, Flat, Snow, and Hay Sets Shown Freeze Proofing Sets...and Beyond Skinning and Fur Prep of a Canine Proper Late Season Baits, Lures, and Urines Early and Late Season Locations Trap Selection and Tuning Proper Use of Stakes and Cable Stakes Snow Trapping Tracking Canines in Snow Strategic and Road Trapping And Much, Much More...
*Plus-Special Aerial Footage Segment
*3 1/2 Hours of Pure Late Season Canine Trapping