Book: Dobbins: Variations of the Flat Set

The Flat Set and its Variations is a 78 page book written by expert trapper Charles Dobbins. In his typical fashion, Dobbins takes the reader through the intricate details of trapping. These details add up to more critters. No one else does it like Dobbins.

About the Author

Dobbins is as highly respected in trapping circles as anyone. He trapped year around for his entire life. He passed away a couple of years ago but his son Paul carries on the family tradition. Charles is known as an intellectual trapper. The book reflects this.

The chapters in this book include:


  1. Tools and equipment
  2. Post sets
    Charred wood
    Projection set, long piece of wood
    Projection set, Charred wood
    Corn stalk post
    Two rock set
    Burnt sod set
    Roller set
  3. Trail set
  4. Hidden bait set
  5. Trash mound set
  6. Campfire set
  7. Rubbing set
  8. Ten second set
  9. Double mound set
  10. Water set
  11. Buried bait set
  12. The remake set
  13. Mink smells at wild canine sets
  14. Blowing leaves and dirt holes


78 pages