Book: Dobbins: The Great Teachers

This book relives Charles Dobbins' beginning of his trapping career. The mistakes, the triumphs they are all in here to read.

129 pages.

About the Author

Dobbins is as highly respected in trapping circles as anyone. He trapped year around for his entire life. He passed away a couple of years ago but his son Paul carries on the family tradition. Charles is known as an intellectual trapper. The book reflects this.

The chapters in this book include:

1) First Lessons 2) The Rabbit Trap 3) Steel Traps 4) The Trapper 5) The Rifle 6) Profits and Supplies 7) Targets and Game 8) The Trapline 9) Muskrats and Minks 10) On to Thompson's Creek 11) Cold Hands 12) The Rifleman 13) A New Trapline 14) Crows