Book: Dobbins: Land Sets and Trapping Techniques

Land Sets and Trapping Techniques is a 184 page book written by Professional Trapper Charles Dobbins. It's an awesome book! Dobbins is as highly respected in trapping circles as anyone. He trapped year around for his entire life. He passed away a couple of years ago but his son Paul carries on the family tradition. Charles is known as an intellectual trapper. The book reflects this.

This book is loaded with great information and excellent photos. The chapters in this book include:

  1. Gray fox
  2. Raccooon
  3. Red Fox
  4. Bobcat
  5. Coyote
  6. Tools for set making
  7. Potpourri
  8. Pre-baiting
  9. The dirthole and its variations
  10. Post sets
  11. Mound type sets
  12. The sod plug set
  13. Natural type sets
  14. Remake set
  15. The ten second set
  16. Freeze-proofing sets
  17. Dirt sets in snow
  18. Baits-make your own
  19. Powerful smells
  20. Electronic squeakers
  21. Slide away system
  22. Conclusion
  23. Glossary