DakotaLine Ultimate Survival Snare and Fishing Package

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  • This lightweight survival package easily fits in a go bag, Bug out bag, or day pack and features: DakotaLine Survival Package. 3 different sized snares are included in this package that will allow you to catch animals from rabbits all the way up to hogs.
  • Small Game snare is made out of 3/64, 7x7 cable and is 30" long with an 11 gauge swivel on the anchor end.
  • Medium Game Snare is made out of 3/32, 7x7 cable and is 60" long with a 9 gauge swivel on the anchor end.
  • Large game snare is made out of 1/8, 7x7 cable and is 84" long with an adjustable loop on the anchor end.
  • 2-YoYo Automatic Fishing Reels, 4 Fishing Hooks, and 4 Prepared Baits. A tool that allows you to fish when you're not even there! Bait and set the yoyo fishing reel, then continue gathering firewood, building your shelter, or any other survival/camping task that you need to do!