DakotaLine Basic Snare Package

This snare package consists of the following:

One dozen 60" Dakotaline Versatile Snares (Good on coyotes, raccoon, beaver, and fox). These snares come with Dakotaline case hardened Lopro locks, #9 gauge swivels, support collars, and are made from 3/32" 7 x 7 steel cable. Each snare is cleaned and dyed an earth tone black with our Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip. The snares are line-ready. 

 Each snare is loaded to make it fast. What is loading? Loading is the memory that we put into the wire of each snare. It makes our snares fast! A fast snare equals more animals waiting for you when you check the line. I use several hundred of these very snares on my South Dakota lines every fall. With this setup I can hang a snare in less then a minute.

One Dozen Support Wires.  This package also includes one dozen support wires. Support wires have changed snaring. Years ago trappers would look for a trail that went by a tree or a bush that they could hang their snare on. Their set locations were very limited. With support wires trapper picks the best location on the trail, drives his support wire into the ground and hangs the snare. It's simple.

One Redman Snare Tool.  This implement is designed for you to put your support wire in the ground.

Instructional Snaring DVD. 38 min DVD that shows on the line snare instruction with lots of catches

This snaring package will get you on your way to successful snaring. Snaring is simple and very affective. Please e-mail us if you have any questions.