Book: Cronk: Cronk's Scientific Muskrat Trapping

Oscar Cronk has been in the trapping business for decades. He is a good writer and an expert trapping. This book is 108 pages of text, pictures and diagrams.

1. Habits of muskrats

2. Enimies of muskrats

3. Prospecting for muskrats

4. Choosing proper traps

5. Preparing, adjusting, dyeing, and waxing traps

6. Trapping equipment

7. Guide and stepping sticks

8 Staking and Fastening Traps

9. Trap beds, trap placement, supports, platforms and sets

10. Tidal water trapping

11. Lures and baits

12. Trap thieves

13. Pre-season work

14. Organizing and running the trapline

15. Tending traps

16. Skinning, fleshing, drying, furs forms, grading, and selling the catch

17. The muskrats true value pelt, food, musk glands

18, controlling the muskrat for farm ponds

19. muskrat farming

20. the duck hunter vrs the trapper

21 Timely tips and hints