Crit'R Call Predator Calls

A. Pee Wee-The Crit’R•Call PeeWee is designed to make tantalizing higherpitched squalls and squeaks. It makes mouse squeaks and rabbit squalls in a very authentic and realistic way. Very easy to blow.

B. Standard- Coyotes, foxes, bobcats, bear, lions, deer, elk, and scores of other predators come to look. It makes mouse  squeaks, jackrabbit and cottontail rabbit squalls, coyote pup squeals, and other necessary sounds.

C.Song Dog Jr- Same body as the Song Dog without the extensions. Long range call that comes in a brown color and uses  different reeds than the Song Dog. Very versatile call that will makes all the sounds you need to get the predators in close.

D. Song Dog- Very versatile call, prey distress and excellent coyote vocalizations. Gets out there on windy days and can be used when calling heavy timber or heavy cover.

E. Magnum-The biggest and loudest predator call on the market. Great for windy days and long range calling.