DVD-Crawford-Trap Preparation, Tuning & Modification

Trap preparation, selection and tuning are important aspects that each trapper should be schooled in. Crawford takes you through key steps in preparing your traps for the field in this 90 minute video.

John W. Crawford has been trapping for over 30 years, having trapped in six states for a wide variety of furbearers. He is the author of numerous videos, books and articles on trapping and with his extensive training, will show you the proper way to prepare your traps for the field.

Topics covered are:

1) Out of the box trap preparation

2) tuning traps for canines and water trapping

3) Dying and waxing traps for canines and water trapping

4) Trap modification

5) Trap selection for canines and water trapping

6) 330 safety

7) Cable stakes and their proper usage.

Bonus: The Standard Dirtholes