DVD-Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt

Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt

Finally a video designed not only to entertain, but to improve YOUR success when you call predators. "Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt" allows YOU to attend a COYOTE DOCTORS seminar, which has been called the most completed & thorough collection of predator calling information ever assembled. This video covers everything needed for beginners to shorten their learning curve, while giving experience callers the hidden secrets they need to become the best predator hunters possible. From proven techniques to equipment that makes the difference between success & failure, this video prepares you for success as soon as you settle into your first stand and every stand thereafter. PLUS, has exclusive, never before seen hunting footage that demonstrates our proven techniques! Predator calling is fast action that can change in seconds. Following the DOCTORS advice by learning what you can control & how to adapt as conditions change can mean the difference between success & disappointment.

Along with the invaluable demonstrations, "Coyote Hunting 101: Anatomy of a Coyote Hunt" covers all the critical details you should consider every time you head to the fields to challenge predators on their own turf. As a matter of fact, everything in this video will assist you in the field now matter what you are haunting. Combining the information form this video with the knowledge you already have attained regarding your hunting areas will be a powerful combination which not even the most cunning predator can hope to start against! Com on and let us "Take You On The Hunt!"