Bait-Kansas Trapline Lures

Felines Revenge is a proven pure bobcat meat based paste bait. This bait has excellent range and has taken coyotes, fox, and bobcats with it’s enticing odor. Unique in odor makes this bait a perfect change up bait for predators showing avoidance from traditional scents. Felines Revenge versatility makes it perfect for dirthole and flat sets alike.

 Flint Hills Red Fox Bait - Once I started using this Red Fox bait, I was hooked. This proven bait will certainly add something unique to your trapline. Odors have good range, and focus on the fox’s sensitive nose. This bait is certain to pull Renyard into your awaiting steel.

Kansas Bobcat Bait is a bait solely focused on catching the bobcat. Ingredients in this 8 ounce jar are packed with cat intriguing odors going for an animal on a strictly protein diet. When you are in a catty area, make sure you have this bait available to put spots on your stretchers.

Last Stop received its name because I always felt it would be a coyote’s Last Stop when it came across it’s odor!  Last Stop has excellent range in odor and is a bait the coyote will want in their mouth and eat. Last Stop, a paste bait, is perfect to use in a dirt hole set or used in a multiple variations of the flat set. Last Stop has taken thousands of coyotes and a pint of it will always be with me on the predator trapline.

Schneider’s Chunky - I used a very unique bait solution with chunk meat that I like so much I put my name on it.  Schneider’s Chunky has just the right amount of taint to draw those predators in and the bait solution breaks down the meat into nice gravy the predators can’t resist! I believe this is going to be a top seller as soon as the word gets out.

Wood Chopper Bait - Let the power of chunk beaver go to work for you on your trapline. Made with a special base, this beaver meat is enhanced in odor to give it more range.  Curiosity scents are added to give the predator more reason to investigate your set. Easy to use. Just toss a couple of chunks into your dirthole set and move on to your next set. Nothing could be easier. This bait is a real favorite of mine on the bobcat line, and martin and fisher trappers are also discovering this bait’s unlocked potential.




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