Book: Carman: Pro Fox Trapping Methods

Russ Carman's Professional Fox Trapping Methods is possibly one of the best selling fox trapping books ever. As usual Carman is detailed and his years of experience and expertise show through. The book is detailed and packed with information. The chapters include:


  1. Habits and Peculiarities
  2. Traps and Equipment
  3. Trap Stakes
  4. Adjusting Traps
  5. Trap Treatment
  6. Cleaning Equipment
  7. Trapline Practices
  8. Unwanted Catches
  9. Lures and their Use
  10. Fox Urine
  11. Bait Making
  12. Set Location
  13. Planning and Prospecting the Trapline
  14. Secrets of Running a Long Line
  15. Trapping in Frozen Ground
  16. Trapping the Grey Fox
  17. Sets
  18. The Dirt Hole Set

Remaking the Dirt Hole Set

Variations of the Dirt Hole Set

  1. The Scent Post

Remaking the Scent Post Set

  1. The Flat Set
  2. The Sod Set
  3. Pelt Handling
  4. Tips and Tricks
  5. Questions and Answers
78 pages