Book: Carman, Mink by the 100's

Russ Carman is an expert trapper. He has spent his life trapping and making lures. He is a true expert trapper that also knows how to put his knowledge on paper. This full sized book is 41 pages of text, illustrations, and pictures. It is very well done.

1. Mink by the 100's

2. Habits and peculiarities

3. Successful Mink Trapping

4. Prospecting and planning the mink line

5. Auto Mink Line

6. Mink traps and equipment

7. Mink Lures and baits

8. Trap placement (foot holds)

9. Blind Sets for mink

10. Mink with killer traps

11. Camouflaging killer traps

12. Winter mink trapping

13. Pelt handling

14. Tips and tricks