Lure-Mark June

Brown Sugar Lure: A thicker blend of high grade mink glands and musk oils that uses fresh trimmed mink glands full of drawing power, adding other ingredients to formulate a lure designed for even the slippery bucks. Excellent otter lure and as a changeup lure for fox and coyotes.
Canine Candy Lure: This lure performs ALL SEASON
LONG on coyotes, fox, and timber wolves and is exceptional on all cat species as well. A “deadly” change-up to our gland based lures that works great with or without bait.
Cherry Red Lure: This is a pure fox gland lure. Fresh preserved glands are mixed with properly aged glands with a pinch of urine to produce that “foxy” smell that really slams ’em! 
Flattail Frenzy Lure: This is not a plain castor paste, but rather a liquid lure containing clean cut castor, food source oils and highly alluring musks designed to increase success rates at all beaver sets. The beaver will follow this scent trail to the source!
Fox Frenzy Lure: You can depend heavily on this lure ALL SEASON long for red and grey fox, badgers, coyotes, bobcat, lynx, and most main predators in your area. Fox Frenzy is a thick blend of fox glands and musks that’s truly different. (Be sure and use with Widowmaker bait for a deadly combo.)
Muskrat Frenzy Lure: When rats are bringing good money, you have to use a lure to maximize your catch! This lure does just that with a blend of six proven attractants. Dynamite on feed beds and muskrat runs. 
Predator Frenzy Lure: We bring trappers a phenomenal lure made from red fox, coyote, and bobcat glands! The curiosity aspect of this gland combination CAN NOT be overstated....predators LOVE IT. 
Primetime Coon Lure: A food based coon lure with extremely permeating musks plus shellfish essence as a kicker. Works just as well in a pocket set as it does in a dirt hole or cage trap.
Ridgerunner Coon Lure: This lure is the super sweet partner to Primetime Coon. A strong, minty aroma, and can be used anywhere raccoons are found, but it is at its best along the waterways. This one really dissipates and works on those muggy, foggy nights when coon are running.
Shell-Fire Lure: Pure, uncut shellfish oil with an additive for extra punch.
Silent Stalker Lure: This bobcat lure is gland based with ingredients that are proven cat attractants. I personally cut, trim, grind, and age all the glands in this fine lure and I encourage its use “heavily” on dirt holes, rub sets, and baited sets for cats and as a premier change-up lure on the canines.
Smokey Post Lure: Use lure to juice up urine posts for maximum results. Predator control agents report that canines readily approach in all kinds of weather... hot or cold. 
Song Dog Supreme Lure: This all weather lure contains the same formula as our best selling Fox Frenzy, except we load it with aged and fresh cut coyote glands instead of fox glands.
Wind Walker Lure: A predator food lure with a thick, syrupy consistency. A pinch of pure quill skunk plus seven natural ingredients are used to make this lure. 

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